BREXIT – real issue for Britain or good old fashioned profiteering?

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So we are fast headed towards a no-deal Brexit. Or are we headed towards a soft Brexit, or an assisted Brexit or…will we even exit at all? I don’t know about you but I am completely lost with the whole thing and frankly am a little sick of it all. I have to admit that I personally voted to remain. I felt that the battle bus that talked of millions of pounds going to the EU each week wasn’t true and as it turned out, it was nothing more than scaremongering and propaganda designed to convince the public that we would all be better off without the EU. And, it worked, as the country voted to leave and those of us, whether we agree with this decision or not have to accept that this is what the majority of the country wanted. For a business that exports the majority of its product from Europe I have to say it’s a little concerning. But this, for me, is where the red herring bit comes in. Why for example is it going to cost more to buy a van that it did last month. We will still buy the same volume and there will still exist the same markets for the manufacturers. So the reality is that it shouldn’t. However, inevitably it most likely will. And if it does, like the Brexit battle bus, the media and PR will be positioned to tell us exactly that. Prices will need to increase because of x and because of y and because of z. The only people that will suffer will be the buyers and the customers. But I cannot help but feel that none of it is necessary and that it’s been highly distracting enough already for the country. So for our little rental company we are going to do the following. Forget all about it and crack on. Continue to give customers good service and apply the same approach to pricing that we have done now for the last two years. Don’t charge more than we should, but don’t charge less than we need to. Easy, personal, fair and professional.