Why Global Go!

“We just do…”

We might not have the most vehicles in the industry, the most locations out there, or thousands of people working for us. What we do have however is passion and experience. Passion to want to get up every day to come to work and deliver solutions that make a real difference to our customers. Getting it wrong is personal for us but the real experience we have, gained in the automotive space means that thankfully, errors are rare. And in those rare events that we do get it wrong, we know exactly what to do to put it right.

We use technology as an enabler to make things happen not as an excuse to hide behind or as a replacement for people.

You can apply for an account online with us in less than 10 minutes and our online proposal with e-sign verification means that you get exactly what you’ve asked for with no grey areas or misunderstanding.

And when you do have an account with us, you can book vehicles online and schedule maintenance events with us in less than 3 minutes via desktop, app or tablet.

We even manage your fleet usage to advise you properly on how your fleet is performing based upon your proposal of product and service meaning that you always have the ‘heads up’ and don’t get expensive or nasty surprises.

But standing alongside these enablers are PEOPLE.

People with experience, knowledge and understanding.

And more importantly, people that are empowered to make decisions.

You pay us to provide user-ship and mobility solutions that keep the wheels turning on your business 24:7:365. We take that responsibility seriously which is why we act at all times using our experience with passion and action.

Tamworth, Peterborough, Stansted & Ipswich
1,925 light commercial vehicles [vans]

1,675 cars

We work with local, regional and national companies for their fleet requirements

Supporting our local communities through localised supply chain partnerships

Our largest customer has 300 vehicles, our smallest has 1

Our top 10 customers only cover 37% of our fleet

Our largest market sector dependency is 13%

This is mechanical vehicles off road, damage vehicles off road, total loss and write off as a percentage of fleet. Our size and agility allows us to outperform the market by some margin. Always reacting swiftly and always acting appropriately.